Interview Prep: The Second Interview

You’re feeling great after your first interview for a job with a prospective employer and you’re told to expect a call back from human resources about setting up a second interview. When that call comes your initial feelings are excitement and triumph! Those initial feelings often times can move into anxiety and worry. A second […]

4 Career Enhancing New Year’s Resolutions

Here we are again…. time for New Year’s Resolutions. It’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions that will help enhance your career, and make showing up to work on Monday mornings a tad bit easier. Here are four simple resolutions to get you started: 1.Focus on work that gets results, and track your success. […]

8 Simple Obtainable Fitness Goals

This is one of the toughest places to improve, but also the one that will have the longest lasting benefits. Searching for employment, improving your current employment, and searching for a new career can all be improved with laser-point focus and the added energy and enthusiasm obtainable fitness goals can bring. One of the great […]

How to Job Search Using Social Media

  Social media can be used nowadays for much more than connecting with others and having fun. Here are ways to use different means of social media to help find employment: Facebook – “Like” Professional Pages: Most companies strive for  social media presences, and Facebook Pages are interactive.. By “Liking” them, you can get daily updates about their activity and they are likely to post links to available job applications. Private/Public: Take a thorough look at your privacy settings on Facebook, and make sure […]

A Fresh Start for Your Career

What do you need to do to find the kind of enjoyment or progress you want in your career? Joel Garfinkle, founder of Dream Job Coaching, a consulting firm specializing in personal fulfillment and professional transformation based in Oakland, California, offers these suggestions on Determine Which Aspects of Your Job You Like Then find […]

Summertime Can Offer Advantages to Job Seekers

Summer can be a prime hiring season for some employers. “Many projects hit the ground running in the fall, and employers want new people in place,” Fortgang says. Six Summer Job Search Tips How do you keep your search moving forward in the summer? Our experts offer these tips: Capitalize on Seasonal Events: “Summer is […]