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Our IT, engineering, and software developer recruiters place technical and management professionals in jobs in aerospace and defense, energy and renewables, telecommunications, software and cybersecurity, and infrastructure. Have you ever wondered if you could have a career with both flexibility and stability? At MWS, you can! Our contract positions offer the full slate of benefits you would expect from a full-time job, but with the variety of contract work. It’s like being a freelancer without the risks.

Keep It Interesting

You can choose projects where you can use your hard-won skills and experience but never need to stay long enough to get bored! Just let us know or check out our job board when you’re ready to move on. 

You can take some time off between gigs or seamlessly move from one assignment to the next without an employment gap. The secret is working with a specialized recruiting firm. Employers don’t always post these kinds of jobs.

They count on engineering and information technology headhunters to ensure they always have access to the talent they need, so they’re not starting from scratch every time they have a technical vacancy.

Make Informed Decisions

You can also opt for direct hire jobs or contract-to-hire positions. Get to know a job and an employer before deciding whether you’re interested in accepting a full-time employment offer. If this sounds like an option you’d like to learn more about, talk to our recruiters for engineering jobs and other technical positions.

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