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4 Career Enhancing New Year’s Resolutions

6Here we are again…. time for New Year’s Resolutions. It’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions that will help enhance your career, and make showing up to work on Monday mornings a tad bit easier.

Here are four simple resolutions to get you started:

1.Focus on work that gets results, and track your success.
Begin to adopt a results-driven attitude by working to achieve goals and objectives, rather than just collecting a paycheck. Start by creating a list of tasks that are needing attention. Feel good about yourself as you cross off tasks you have completed! Take it one step further and create a daily report of all that you have accomplished, which can help improve organization and impress management!
2.Update your resume — even if you are not currently looking for work…
Updating a resume is one of the simplest ways to track accomplishments, accolades, and accurately reflect all that you are capable of doing. Always be prepared for internal and external job opportunities … What accomplishments can help you to move ahead the coming year? How can you create new opportunities?”
3.Go for a New Skill
It is always beneficial and lucrative to add a skill to make you more job competitive. Take a class (online or onsite) to add that missing skill to your skillset. Add it to you resume, and if it’s super critical to the job, mention your newly acquired skill in your cover letter. If your job skills generally fall in line with what’s listed, learn a foreign language.
4.Shoot for the Moon
If you’re in a rut and haven’t been able to budge your career forward, you might want to set your sights a bit higher. Don’t be intimidated by the “perfect candidate” job descriptions in job listings, or by the endless “must haves” HR managers and recruiters list for that plum job. Keep in mind that these “applicant must-haves” represent a wish list. They rarely expect a candidate to meet all these requirements. What they’re often looking for is not an exact match, but the right skill set. Use specific examples in your resume and cover letter. Focus on transferable skills. So shoot for the moon. Send in that cover letter and resume. You may just be the best candidate for the position.

New Year’s resolutions can be daunting, and career enhancement can be challenging to all. Following these four simple tips will point you in the right direction to start 2015!