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8 Simple Obtainable Fitness Goals

2This is one of the toughest places to improve, but also the one that will have the longest lasting benefits. Searching for employment, improving your current employment, and searching for a new career can all be improved with laser-point focus and the added energy and enthusiasm obtainable fitness goals can bring. One of the great things about exercise is that it can improve your mental health. Regular exercise can help you feel less stressed, can improve your self-esteem, and can help you to feel ready to learn in school. Those who exercise may also have reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Exercise can also improve your overall mood. Did you have an argument with a friend? Or did you do poorly on a test? A workout at the gym or a brisk 30-minute walk will make your brain produce chemicals that will make you happier and more relaxed than before you started working out.

Here are 8 simple ways to begin to improve your fitness health, and to assist you in maintaining your goals:

  1. Set up a workout routine that you not only follow, but update as you workout more
  2. Set monthly weight loss or cardio goals
  3. Walk or bike to work, or get off the bus a few blocks early
  4. Get a personal trainer
  5. Buy a gym membership
  6. Find a good way to distract/motivate yourself while working out, i.e. an mp3 player, books on tape, etc.
  7. Buy new shoes
  8. Buy a workout outfit

It is easy to get discouraged easily when attempting to improve your fitness health. Remember to go easy on yourself and to set goals you can achieve, especially when you are getting started! Starting is the hardest part, so follow these 8 simple tools to gear you towards feeling better.