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Interview Prep: The Second Interview

BLOG.10You’re feeling great after your first interview for a job with a prospective employer and you’re told to expect a call back from human resources about setting up a second interview. When that call comes your initial feelings are excitement and triumph! Those initial feelings often times can move into anxiety and worry. A second interview is your opportunity to shine and land the opportunity you’ve been searching and preparing for. Here are 5 tips on how to prepare for your second interview.

1. Sell Yourself- A first interview involves more generalized questions, the second interview will likely be more intense, especially for technical positions. Oftentimes, a hiring manager may use a consultant or senior staff to assist in the technical part of the interview, someone who is adept at getting to the core of a candidate’s skills. This is when you need to be bold and sell yourself! Come prepared with lots of stories of your own past job accomplishments, and don’t hesitate to elaborate!

2. Be prepared for tricky questions- Be prepared for off-the-wall or tricky questions seemingly coming from left field, which may only be asked to see how well you handle the question. Things like a “think-outside-the-box” type of test may be given beforehand or an interviewer may ask questions which may not seem relevant to you. Stay Calm. Answer promptly and calmly. Trick questions can make or break you, so be prepared for the unexpected and be able to think on your feet!

3. Ask lots of questions- Be prepared with lots of questions to ask as you will likely have more opportunity during the second interview to ask questions and you will be expected to make more inquiries than you did during the first interview. If you don’t receive an offer on spot, ask about the next step in the process. How soon will a decision be made, and how will they let you know?

4. Have a Plan- The purpose of the second interview is to show your best, to sell your achievements and knowledge and to elaborate on the projects that you worked on in the past. When you interview, you have to jump in and go for it. You need to give the employer enough confidence in your abilities and skills to move forward with an offer.

5. Say Thank You- Make sure you follow up after your second interview with all of the people with whom you interviewed by sending them a quick thank-you email or letter. Express your continued interest in the company in general and the job in particular.

Remember, regardless of whether you’ll be offered a job or not, a second interview means you’re that much closer to an offer and that much closer to securing your dream job! Prepping for that second interview can make all the difference!