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2R Team in Action this Weekend!

Happy Monday to Everybody!   The 2R Team was out and about this weekend doing good stuff.  I said doing good, not necessarily eating well!!

Not much of a blog, but thought I’d give you a glimpse into the action packed offices of 2R.  Our staff is very active in the community and we strive to push forward on all fronts.  Teamwork is key and we have a great squad here!!

The pre-weekend activities started off with the annual CCEJ Breakfast, MJ’s BDay, Jackie’s Day off by the pool and some hard work by our nutritionist.

Jackie’s Cubicle + BV + MJ’s Lunch!

MJ celebrated his birthday by attending the UCLA game at Pauley Pavillion.  BV brought his family out the annual CCEJ Prayer breakfast.  The majority of the staff maintained discipline by only eating McDonalds on Friday.

Saturday Morning brought on the annual Bayshore Triathlon (  2R has supported this race for years and the event has grown so strong over the years. We annually contribute to the various charities associated with the event.  As you can see below – Rey couldn’t wait for the race and began the festivities.


Our Wellness Executive leader – Molly set a great example for us by working out hard at the gym.  She LOVES live action photos!

Doug and his hot fiance Susan dominated the Bayshore run course.  Thanks for volunteering!!


Overall – a fantastic weekend.  Great to see the team out in the field making good things happen.   Have a great week – Diego sure did!

  • BV