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Oscars + Time = $$$

Happy Sunday to All

My original thought this week was to base my writings on time efficiency in the workplace and gauge monetary value to my time.  I dragged my weekend out a bit and am now watching the Oscars Red Carpet show. 

I have seen most of the nominated movies this year and find myself really rooting against one particular film, La La Land.   I know it will probably win the most and be loved by all, but I thought it was the worst movie I’ve had to sit through in years.   I have trouble sleeping sometimes, but reached a full slumber within 20 minutes of my first attempt to watch it.  I am rooting for Hell or Highwater, Mel Gibson and Denzel Washington.

Ok – back to work I go.  For companies that have their leaders wear multiple hats, it is very tough to gauge minute by minute how to spend your time.  We must prioritize our time and maximize our hours in a day.  I basically leave myself open to work related items from 4am until 7pm at night.  A lot of hours to get things accomplished, but I have a lot to do! 

When my partners and I founded 2Roads back in 1996, we were young, energetic and willing to take risks.  We quickly found success and built our solid company.  As our 20 years went on, we have matured and molded our business – some good decisions and some bad.  We have built a great reputation with our employees and clients based on a old-school business practices, primarily honesty and integrity.  As our business changes, we must change for the better as well.  The recruiting industry has migrated into a fast moving technology based business.  As we strive to make 2Roads better, we are blending our old-school mentality with the top technology available in the industry.  Change is good and I embrace it.  With this comes lots of key decisions that need to be made fast.  Fun times!

As I maximize my time, I have put a key importance on the value my company spends for my time.  With only so many hours, this is paramount.  For example, if my compensation is based off a figure – say $10 per hour, there is a cost associated to the company for each hour I spend.  Every employee has a $figure and this must be maximized to receive good value for $spent.  Every meeting costs $.  Meetings must be efficiently run – no wasted time.  Chit chat and the ultimate time killer – internet surfing must be minimized.  I encourage every company and every employee – especially incentive comp based employees to take the time to carve out $per hour and spend their time wisely.  Time = dinero.

You and my three other readers will be hearing lots about this subject as the blog evolves.

Ok – back to the Oscars.   Timberlake crushes it.  Jimmy crushes Damon.  And the first award goes to Mahershala Ali for Best Supporting Actor.  He was great in Hidden Figures too.

 Sorry for any typos…

On to the show.  Have a great day – BV