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Over the past couple months I have been taking on more and more responsibilities at the office.  Trying to be maximize efficiencies, boost production, more dinero.  You know the drill.  I have stretched myself into new areas, such as social media.  What the heck am I doing???   As a result, I have found myself with not enough hours in the day to achieve my work/life balance.   The only solution I could figure out was to extend my days, make them longer.  I read up on successful people and their sleep patterns.  At 51 years old, do I need to sleep more than six hours per night?


Kobe Bryant at the ESPYS:

“We’re not on this stage just because of talent or ability.” “We’re up here because of 4 a.m.

We’re up here because of two-a-days or five-a-days.

We’re up here because we had a dream and let nothing stand in our way. If anything tried to bring us down, we used it to make us stronger.”


Well, I’m a HUGE Laker fan and if it’s good for Kobe, it’s good for me!

So, I fired it up.  Beginning last Monday, I set my alarm clock at 4AM and got rolling.   Respond to work emails, set up my work day, get a run in, walk the dog and get the kiddos ready for school.  All before 7AM!   First couple days found me dragging a bit, but I steadily picked up steam as the week went on.  I am waking up a few minutes before my AC/DC Back in Black alarm signal and feel a ton of energy all day.  Super productive, great workouts and there for my family.

Cannot wait for week 2 and more improvements!

Movie Review:  Fences.  I can see why Denzel garners Oscar nomination here.  Powerful performance, one of his best.

Weather Prediction:  Lots of rain in SoCal.  Stay Dry!


Here are a couple references on early morning wake up productivity:


Have a great and safe weekend.

  • BV