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Family Fun – Snow + Disco Dancing

Happy Valentines Day!

After being crazy busy to begin the year, I decided blow off a few days of work and head up to the snow.   Family had not been skiing together in a long time so we headed up to the local mountains and VRBO’d a cabin in Big Bear.   We hit the slopes hard on Thursday, snow was totally awesome and so was the sunny weather.  So great to see the resorts enjoying a good winter up there after many tough drought filled years.   As usual, my daughter Abbey made sure I was chasing her down the hills.  My son, Eli was on ski’s for the second time and did awesome.  I forget how cool it is to get away from the beach for a few days.  Rey (choc lab) had a absolute blast – he had never ran around in the snow and he figured out that powder made things a lot more difficult.

As usual, I spent way too much time returning emails and logging in for work.  Took a few client calls on the resort patio and closed some deals.  Tough to get away from it all, but I do appreciate the flexibility of working wherever and whenever I need to.  Checking emails on chairlifts is cool.  In fact, I plan on incorporating more trips where I can close deals in fun locations!   Hopefully my business partner won’t notice I’m gone….

After our quick few days up there, we were back down to family business.  Hustling down the mountain for Eli soccer, baptisms,  workouts, etc.   Saturday night we headed to a fund raiser for a charity that is very dear to me, Children Today.  CT operates daycare facilities for homeless kids in the city of Long Beach.  Erin and I have worked closely with CT for years and they do amazing work for our city’s kids.

This week I am experimenting with limiting the amount of hours I sleep per night.   I have noticed that several successful people sleep 4-6 hours per night.  I figure if it works for them, it might help me squeeze more hours out of the day and be more productive.  We’ll see how it goes.

I wish everybody a Happy Valentines Day – hug the ones you love.

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    BV and Wifey getting down on it