Digital Enterprise Society New Board Member, Barry Vince

July 25, 2019 DES Welcomes 2Roads Founder Barry Vince to their Board of Trustees The Digital Enterprise Society is proud to announce the appointment of Barry Vince to their Board of Trustees. Vince, the founder of 2Roads Professional Resources, has a long history with DES and brings a depth of knowledge and industry perspective to […]

SV Appreciation

Recently, my brother Steven left 2Roads after 18 years to create his own staffing firm   As a business owner, I instinctively thought of myself and company.  Would we lose business?  Would we be competing against him and his new firm?   Should I rally our troops for battle?   As our most productive team member in […]

Company Culture With A Generational Gap

Hi Everyone – This is HR Molly and this is my first blog ever.   I am the HR guru here at 2Roads and I keep our team in check.  At least some of the time!!  I live in OC and am getting married this summer. I plan on blogging frequently about HR and Workplace related […]