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Digital Enterprise Society New Board Member, Barry Vince

July 25, 2019

DES Welcomes 2Roads Founder Barry Vince to their Board of Trustees

The Digital Enterprise Society is proud to announce the appointment of Barry Vince to their Board of Trustees. Vince, the founder of 2Roads Professional Resources, has a long history with DES and brings a depth of knowledge and industry perspective to the position.

The DES is the only non-profit, membership association organized to enable the transformation of product development, design, delivery and maintenance throughout the digital enterprise. They consistently promote the evolution of the design and manufacturing community towards the formation of the digital enterprise. This is done through the use of digital information to support and drive product decisions. DES members gain access to digital forums for the exchange of ideas, a career resource center, volunteer positions and helpful events to hone skills for the next-generation workforce.

This is an ideal fit for Vince and his company 2 Roads Professional Resources who, for over two decades, have been empowering technical professionals to find meaningful careers while helping companies discover the talent they need through innovative staffing solutions.

“We are pleased to welcome Barry Vince as an Affiliate Trustee on the Digital Enterprise Society Board of Trustees,” says DES Executive Director Wendy Holliday. “Barry has been an advocate for those in the digital enterprise for many years and served on multiple volunteer committees. Barry’s experience, enthusiasm and commitment to the industry will be of great service to the board as we build this new non-profit organization.”

Vince’s familiarity with DES and Siemens runs deep in his family history. His father was a HR executive in the early 80’s at McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems Co. (McAuto).  McAuto/Unigraphics was purchased by EDS, which was purchased by Siemens PLM in 2007. Vince’s 2Roads team has worked with Unigraphics and Siemens customers for the past 20 years.

“It is an honor to further my commitment to the DES Board,” says Vince. “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well under way and I am excited to roll up my sleeves and collaborate with our team on forward thinking ideas. The possibilities are endless and we can assist customers to improve and evolve.”

Vince is already at work on his first project, connecting highly regarded engineering schools, software providers and cutting edge companies. “Engineering students have an awesome opportunity to jump into professional employment with more tools then ever possible,” he continues. “Tech talent is in unprecedented demand and my objective is to help facilitate progressive companies to connect earlier than ever.”


About Barry Vince:

Barry Vince is the Founder and Owner of 2Roads Professional Resources. Barry resides in Long Beach, CA with his wife and two children.  He is very active in the community, participating and serving on local charity boards. 2Roads is a recognized leader in the staffing industry across the United States. In his non-office time, Barry is an avid ultramarathon trail runner and Ironman triathlon racer.

Barry may be contacted at