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SV Appreciation

Recently, my brother Steven left 2Roads after 18 years to create his own staffing firm   As a business owner, I instinctively thought of myself and company.  Would we lose business?  Would we be competing against him and his new firm?   Should I rally our troops for battle?   As our most productive team member in history, how could we possibly replace him?

This gave me time to reflect and appreciate what a fantastic experience it was to work 18 years with my brother.   How cool is that?  Who gets the chance to spend so many challenges and victories with your bro?  I did!   This led me to appreciation and an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness (is that word?).   Besides being my bro, Steve has been my friend and an unbelievable team member and partner.  His contributions to our company have been immeasurable for the past two decades and will carry us into the future.   His loyalty, hard work and ability helped build us from the ground up.

Simply said, 2Roads would never be where we are without him.   I am very excited for his new venture and I am sure he will build a very successful firm.  I sure hope I can help him the way he has helped us down the road.

This also led me to reflecting and appreciating all of our team members of the past.  There have been many bumps along the way, but the fun times and learning on the fly far outweighs any negatives.  Being a small company, training is a challenge for us, but I think we are on a good path as we charge forward into our 3rd decade.   It has been really rewarding and fun to work with so many cool people, many of whom remain good friends that I stay connected with.

I am stoked to see the days of old school management in closed door offices change for the better.   Today’s cool companies are transparent and fun – that is what I am trying to create every day.    We have had so many employees over the years go on to cool places in their lives and careers.   I truly feel privileged to have this experience.

Steve was a huge part in this vision and I thank him.

Cheers to you SV and THANK YOU!!

– BV