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How To Create Effective To-Do Lists

2Roads-blogs (10)Writing to-do lists are crucial for your productivity, but long, convoluted lists can be counterproductive, especially if they lack organization. Here’s how to write a concrete to-do list that will keep you prioritized without feeling overwhelmed:

For your daily to-do lists, write down 3 or fewer tasks and prioritize them by importance. The task that will make you feel the most accomplished should go first on that list. Write overflow tasks on another paper and keep it out of sight. Use index cards or post it notes to avoid the extremely long lists.

Be specific and write down each task as an action by using specific terms. For example, instead of writing, “Make a powerpoint presentation for work,” start with, “Create outline for power point presentation.” The more specific you are in writing down your tasks, the easier it becomes the check off your to-dos.

At this day and age, multitasking seems to be the norm, but when it comes to your to-do list, it’s best to handle one task at a time, even if that means writing each task down on a separate paper or post it. Sometimes a to-do list can create anxiety, so by viewing each task separately, you may find it easier to focus.

Cutting out distractions is important in successfully checking off your to-do list. Put your phone away for a few hours or avoid the surfing the internet while you prioritize. Any small distraction can steer you away from your to-do list.