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Morning Rituals That Will Clear Your Mind

2Roads-blogs (10)Writing is a great tool that can be used as a meditative exercise. This can help you clear your mind and even spark some creativity. Here are some ways to get your creative writing started:

Wake Up and Write

Write as early as possible and let the mind roam. This can become very therapeutic for you. Try to avoid typing on the computer and handwrite everything. Fill up 2-3 pages and don’t be scared to hold anything back.

Don’t Write to Publish

Write for yourself, without the plan to publish. This eliminates the pressure of sounding professional. Allow your thoughts to run off on tangents. If writing blogs is part of your job at work, this strategy can help you in your first stages of brainstorming. You may be able to pull ideas from this purge of thoughts.

Keep Your Pages to Yourself

Only you are allowed to read the your journal. These thoughts and words should be protected and you shouldn’t even read them right away. These thoughts are what stands between you and the day ahead of you.

If these writings become a consistent part of your routine, they can potentially alter your trajectory of life.