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How To Become A Better Writer

2Roads-blogs (11)If you work in an office or run your own business, you’re likely to spend a good portion of your day writing. You’re writing emails, proposals, blogs, invoices, reports and social media updates. Some people enjoy writing, while others detest it.

Here are some ways to become a better writer, right away:

Be Clear and Get to the Point
Before you start to write, identify your reason for writing and your desired outcome. If you’re struggling to get to the point, map out your ideas.

What is your reason for writing?
What do you want the recipient/reader to know?
What do you want the recipient/reader to do?

Relax and Write
Writing when you’re happy and relaxed is the key to sparking creativity, and makes writing a lot easier. Getting into that state of mind may involve playing energizing music, going for a quick walk to jog, or anything that will get you to relax.

Limit Your Time
The longer you put off a writing task, the worse it becomes. Your best writings are created when you’re relaxed, so when that time comes, let the ideas flow. More often than not, your first draft is a good one.