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How Businesses Are Implementing New Recruitment Techniques

How do you recruit during a pandemic? Companies are moving away from traditional recruitment, being very careful about their hiring process, and focusing on staff retention. With many staff currently still furloughed, or working in shifts, companies need to maintain their workforce and look into the future.

Here are a few ways businesses are adapting to this new world.

Remote Work is Rising

Even with a pandemic going on, companies need to hire. Some companies have shifted to include more remote work for their employees during COVID-19. Person sitting at desk viewing video

Not only is this better during COVID-19, but it’s also better for companies moving forward. The world is becoming digital; establishing these processes now puts companies ahead of the pack later. By adding more remote work, companies are also able to secure talent from all over the world, rather than having to remain within their own market.

Companies are Recruiting Thoroughly

While companies are recruiting, most are recruiting very thoroughly and carefully. It’s possible that another economic shutdown may be on the horizon, in addition to a recession. Companies are thinking more about the people they hire, and whether they will be a good fit. Recruitment is being done carefully, and consequently taking longer. And it can take longer: There are more people out of work today than ever before, and that also means that there are greater levels of talent available. Most people aren’t rushing to go back to work. They want to enter into the workforce prudently.

This introduces some uncertainty to the hiring process, due to the economic circumstances, but it also means companies have the opportunity to acquire staff uniquely well-suited to their business.

Volume is a Double-Edged Sword, But Can Be Countered with Automation

For every job posting, there are now many more applicants, especially for remote positions. This is a double-edged sword for most companies: On the one hand, they can choose from a multitude of candidates. On the other, they need to sift through all those applications. Automation is being used to reduce the amount of work that has to be put into the process, but at the end of the day a human has to review the results. Staffing agencies can help companies that are currently feeling overwhelmed.

New recruitment techniques and strategies aren’t necessarily changing for good — but for the time being, it’s important to be flexible. If you have any questions about how companies are recruiting today, contact the experts at Two Roads.