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Job Market Outlook for 2020

One thing is for sure, 2020 has evolved into a roller coaster ride for every industry. The COVID-19 Pandemic that hit our country in March has changed the way we look at almost every business for products, supplies, and services. It has changed the way we educate our children, travel for business and pleasure, provide professional development, and raise money for nonprofit organizations. It has changed how we buy everyday products, our cleaning routines, and how we socialize with family and friends. Employers across multiple industries have hiring freezes and are even rescinding job offers due to fallout from the pandemic. It has forced everyone to adapt to an ever-changing world and those that recognized this early on have benefited from their creativity and ability to pivot. job sign in front of tall skyscraper buildings

More importantly, it has affected some industries favorably and others so detrimentally causing them to close their doors forever. As unpredictable as the future is, there are some industries that are growing and creating jobs. According to Indeed, an employment-related search engine, the following careers are in the highest demand for the next five years.

  1.  Software Developer: Average annual salary is $105,000. Responsibilities are to research, design, implement, and manage software programs.
  2. Statistician: Average annual salary is 83,291. Responsibilities include using math equations to develop and apply statistical theories and calculating data to solve problems affecting our world.
  3. Information Security Analyst: Average annual salary is $81,555: Responsibilities are to monitor security issues in computer systems to prevent cyber crimes, scams, and other information technology issues that could cause organizations harm.
  4. Physical Therapist: Average annual salary is $74,672. Responsibilities are to provide patients with injuries or medical conditions with therapy and helpful physical services and exercises so they can return to their normal activities.
  5. Health Services Administrator: Average annual salary is $70,147 Responsibilities include overseeing and providing day to day direction for the overall operation of hospitals, health systems, and healthcare-related organizations including regulatory and governmental policies.
  6. Website Developer/Designer: Average annual salary is $72,040. Responsibilities include using programming languages to create user-friendly websites for all devices for clients in multiple industries and providing guidance on all digital marketing strategies.
  7. Registered Nurse: Average annual salary is $70,366. There is an ongoing national demand for registered nurses who work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical practice facilities. Registered Nurses also have opportunities to be promoted into management positions.
  8. Financial Advisor: Average annual salary is $66,063. Responsibilities include providing clients financial advice and offering investment strategies based on current market trends. Research and keep up to date on market trends.
  9. Operations Research Analyst: Average annual salary is $61,457. Responsibilities include advising company leaders about decision making using high-level analytical methods and advanced mathematics.
  10. Truck Driver: Average annual salary is $57,616. Responsible for transporting goods and products from one location to another and staying on a deadline. This could involve many days and weeks in a row on the road.

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