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How COVID-19 Has Changed Recruiting for The Tech Industry

While other industries may be faltering, the tech industry is bigger than ever. With more people working remotely and investing in B2B and B2C technology, tech companies are scaling up rapidly. But the world is changing, and companies need to change with it. How has COVID-19 changed the modern face of recruiting, and should those changes last?

Recruiting in an Online World

Organizations that were already decentralized and cloud-based haven’t seen significant changes. Others, however, have been forced to reboot their entire recruiting process. Recruiting processes have shifted to a nearly entirely online experience. Prospective candidates are viewed through phone calls, online chats, emails, and video calls. Many of the employees hired in this way during COVID-19 have yet to see an office, and have instead been working from home.woman video chatting for job interview

The Advantages of Modern Recruiting Techniques

The tech industry has always been particularly welcoming to remote workers on a global scale. But other companies are also awakening to this now, and know that they can get more affordable labor elsewhere. The tech industry is going to see this process increase, with more advanced talent being able to be procured from anywhere in the world.

This also means that those within the tech industry are going to see a lot more competition. The tech industry itself is going to have many individuals vying for positions once COVID-19 and unemployment run out, so companies are going to need to invest in more soft benefits to keep their clients.

Pandemic Persistence: What Needs to Change?

Employees are going to continue wanting things such as remote work, and they are likely to continue to feel more comfortable undergoing the recruitment process online. But, certainly, most businesses aren’t going to continue conducting all their interviews through video chat.

More likely is it that companies are going to start decentralizing and hiring labor in cheaper areas. Those in Seattle can look for talent in the Midwest, where the cost of living is low, and salaries are consequently lower. To take advantage of this, the tech industry simply has to be open to hiring those outside of their geographic area.

COVID-19 will eventually go away, and the tech industry will have grown by leaps and bounds. But to truly stabilize that growth, the tech industry has to consider what’s likely to change. Some may still be hesitant to gather in the time to come, and that means that tech employees are likely to remain remote until COVID-19 has been completely eradicated. It’s an excellent time for companies to consider their current remote technology and setups, and invest in an off-premise infrastructure. Want to get started? Contact 2Roads today!