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5 Skills to Demonstrate Ability to Work from Home

Working from home requires a vastly different skill set from working in the office. The motivation is all different. You aren’t just “working toward the clock,” but you’re instead self-motivating and getting things done. Today, employers are finding that some employees cannot work from home effectively — and they’re looking for employees who can. How can you prove yourself to be a self-starter?

woman working on laptop at home


1. Technical Skills

Make sure your prospective employers know that you understand the technology required to work from home. Today, that includes Office 365, MS Teams, Slack, Zoom, and Remote Desktop — collaborative tools that make it possible for you to work from anywhere. Ask questions about what systems they use for their remote work, and emphasize your ability to learn quickly.

2. Communication Skills

It’s often difficult for people to communicate through text and email, but that’s where talented co

mmunicators really shine. If you can get your meaning across more effectively than others, you’ll be more productive than others. Discuss ways in which your communication skills have benefited you in the past, or even times when communication caused confusion and you had to work through it.

3. Attention to Detail

As someone who is working from home, you’re going to be reviewing your own work product a lot more frequently. Your attention to detail is going to shine, so focus on prior work experience that had you in charge of end products. Discuss the methods that you use to make sure your work product is up to your personal standards, and how you balance perfectionism with budget.

4. Project Management

Managers are looking for people who are self-motivated, dependable, and can pay attention to details when working from home because they cannot oversee projects as they can with their on-premise workers. Consequently, every employee needs to have a little “management” inside of them. Highlight your project management skills. It’s going to show that you’re able to take the ball and run with it, and that you’re going to be able to meet important deadlines.

5. Certifications

There are certifications available today regarding work from home skills, so consider taking a few if you need to brush up. These are going to show employers that you’re willing to prove your skills before being asked, and that you are up to date on the newest technologies. Consider some broader certifications such as Office 365 certifications, too.

An ability to work from home doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you find yourself struggling, there are many online classes you can take to brush up on your skills. To start your job search, contact the experts.