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Crisis Support Lunch Delivery

Our team appreciates all the hard work our First Responders and service personnel are putting in.   Times are tough and we understand that 15 hour days in stressful circumstances are extremely difficult.

We have been active in our Southern California community providing lunches, dinners, clothing and other support for local hospitals, Fire Department and charities.  Our team members have stepped up and volunteered their time to help with deliveries and we will continue these efforts to show our appreciation.

As a business, we are doing ok.  2R has retained all employees and actually added new members to our team.  We remain committed to our client and candidate partners across the country.   We are very fortunate to support companies who have retained their employees and continue to hire top talent.

On Wednesday, April 23rd, we combined with our friends from Seneca Contracting and NWF Advisory Group to deliver lunch to Millers Children’s &  Women’s Hospital in Long Beach.  Thank you Open Sesame for supplying the awesome lunch at a very discounted price.   The Doctors, Nurses and support personnel LOVED their lunch and dinners.

Here are some pics from our afternoon.

YUMMY – Thanks Open Sesame!

Lyla Repping the 2R Workout shirt!!

Kristan, MH and BV

Eli Repping the Seneca Masks – breathable and very stylish!

We encourage everybody who has the means to support local causes.

Thanks for reading and STAY SAFE & KEEP GOOD VIBES!

– BV