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Space Symposium – Colorado Springs Notes

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 35th Annual Space Symposium.  This event is huge.  All the prime contractors and suppliers from around the world were at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO to discuss upcoming key advancements in space.   The Army, Navy and Air Force had high level representation and numerous contracts were discussed and awarded.   For me, this was a kid in the candy store.  To see what these companies are currently producing and where our future is going was mind blowing.  I snapped some pics and jotted down a few highlights from the show.

The Broadmoor Hotel was originally a dairy farm and was turned into a Casino by a Prussian Count and built in 1891.  It has since been turned into a five star hotel and the grounds are gorgeous.  Go there if you have the chance!


Barry’s Show Highlights

United States Space Force in Colorado Springs?

The buzz around the Broadmoor was the potential location of the home of the new United States Space Force in Colorado Springs.   With the Air Force Academy, Peterson AFB,  Army’s Fort Carson and Rocky Mountain Arsenal local, it seems like the logical place for our 6th military branch.  The town is excited about this potential and I think would be ideal.   The Space Force would be our first military service in more then 70 years.


United States Behind in Space Race

It was a privilege to hear Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan speak about our current position in space.

Shanahan mentioned China and Russia as space rivals that are developing powerful anti-satellite weapons that they could aim at U.S. spacecraft. “The PLA [China’s People’s Liberation Army] is also deploying directed energy weapons, and we expect them to field a ground-based laser system aimed at low Earth orbit space sensors by next year.”


Heading back to the Moon!

I get really pumped to hear about space exploration and all the cards are lining up for multiple planetary visits very soon.  NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said NASA’s approach to reaching the moon has not changed with its accelerated timeline. Development of the Orion spacecraft, Space Launch System and Lunar Gateway are still planned as NASA gears up for a crewed mission to the moon in 2024, he says. “All of those elements that were necessary to getting humans to the surface of the moon in 2028, all those elements still exist. The plan is still the same.”


Achievement Award

Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company were recognized for the SpaceShipTwo commercial sub-orbital spaceflight to the edge of space. Designed for space tourism, SpaceShipTwo’s December 2018 flight to space paved the way for a future fleet of spaceplanes. SpaceShipTwo is manufactured by The Spaceship Company, owned by Virgin Galactic.   My hero, Sir Richard Branson was on hand to receive the award.


At Two Roads we are very fortunate to have such great partners.  Current partners, Aerojet, Northrop Grumman, Virgin Orbit, The Spaceship Company were all present and it was great to catch up.


Barry, Jill from SatNews & StormTrooper


A GIANT Thank you to Jill and the crew over at SatNews Publishers for the invite.  For those of you who are interested in top notch, up to date satellite articles, please check out their magazines!


Everything was awesome, until the blizzard hit…blizzard

Until the next time– BV