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Hunt For Talent is Getting Tougher!

Is the talent market softening?

My travels so far this year have taken me across the United States to large government contractors, medium and small commercial companies and the answer is a resounding NO!   The demand across the board continues to build to record levels and the supply of qualified professional and non-professional workers is virtually zero.

I was recently asked by MilSat magazine to put down my thoughts on the current market, specifically for the high-tech talent for military contractors.  I am extremely passionate about creating company culture and creative talent strategies.  Their magazine group can be found at  I find their work so interesting!  Looking forward to writing more for them in the near future.

Want to check out the article?  Here is the link:

Barry’s key components to building a higher level team:

RETAIN the talent you have.  Build a culture that is financially and socially interesting for your current team members.  Flexible work schedules, surf at lunch, run groups, cycling groups, whatever it takes to keep your team a cohesive unit and having fun.

CREATIVE COMPENSATION – Team members love to share in the growth and success of their employers.  Money is not everything, but your HR team must be current with the market.  I have seen a 10-25% increase in the past couple years.  Get ahead of the game, know your competitors ranges and be prepared for employee appreciation raises.  Bonus time!  Kick them down some $, ball game tickets, travel vacations, etc.   Doesn’t need to be a ton of money, make it fun and rewarding.

CREATIVE NICHE RECRUITING – The old days of companies running ads and hoping for a response is way over.  Why would employed candidates leave their job for yours?   Use internal and external talent acquisition experts who are constantly creating company “buzz” on the social sites that match your company’s vision and cool stuff you do.

ONBOARD RIGHT!   Imagine your first day at a new company.  Excited, nervous, not knowing many people.  Scary stuff!  Make new team members comfortable from the minute they walk in the door.   First day lunch with a few of their co-workers, a walk around the building.  Again, break down the walls and make them stoked to be there!  New employees are very vulnerable within the first few months.

Rinse and Repeat —  the cycle never stops! 


I find it really exciting to sink my teeth into a company’s culture and help my clients improve.  The market is tough, but equipped with modern and creative tools, the job can be done!

– BV



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