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GenZ Is Entering the Job Market Looking for Tech Jobs – Is Your Company Ready?

You may have just gotten used to the millennial generation, but it’s already time to start preparing for GenZ. GenZ is an entirely unique generation, with different goals and culture. GenZ is also dominantly going into tech and tech-related industries, which leads to a lot of opportunities to get exciting new talent.

GenZ is Moving Towards Technology

Members of the GenZ generation use technology in virtually every element of their lives. From developers to web designers, GenZ is increasingly looking into tech-related work. It’s understandable: technology drives every industry today. It also means that companies who are willing to embrace GenZ workers are able to get motivated, youthful employees. GenZ looking for technology jobs

The tech industry is infamously run by younger employees, as the hours are often long and technology frequently changes. Consequently, tech-related businesses are more likely to see a proliferation of GenZ employees before other industries do.

Is Your Company GenZ Ready?

GenZ is a lot like the millennial generation, in that it prioritizes work-life balance. But more than the millennial generation, GenZ is also concerned about diversity and ethics. GenZ employees want to work for companies that they believe in. They are willing to work for less money if they are able to find something that they care about.

GenZ employees are also looking for a variety of soft benefits. The ability to work from home is the most consistent expectation. GenZ employees may also look for offices that provide wellness programs or that allow pets in the office: small things that make them feel valued. In exchange, GenZ employees are quite willing to devote more of their time to work. They just need to be shown that their work matters.

The way that people are employed is also changing. Companies are finding it more productive to rate employees based on milestones and accomplishments rather than rating them based on the hours worked. GenZ employees want to be ranked based on merit: the amount of work that they get done, opposed to the amount of time they spend at a desk.

While some companies may see GenZ employees as “demanding,” GenZ employees are prioritizing their lives, ethics and health: and companies that are able to fulfill these needs of theirs are able to procure the best talent. At the same time, companies are going to need to work a little harder to rein in their employees as well, as employees are increasingly wanting their individuality and freedom. For more information about finding the best employees, connect with 2Roads.