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How to Attract Top Technical Talent by Building a Community Culture

Employees want to believe in the work that they do. Many employees spend the majority of their lives at work: how they perceive that work really makes a difference. This is especially true in highly competitive fields. If you want to be able to attract the top technical talent, building a sense of community and belonging is a solid first step.

Employees Want to Feel Valued

Modern employees want to feel valuable and inspired. In fact, they are more likely to take a cut to their pay or their benefits if they feel they truly believe in the work that they’re doing. In the highly technical fields, most employees aren’t just looking for more money: they’re looking to find work that excites them. How to Attract Top Technical Talent by Building a Community Culture

Building a community-centered business shows employees that the business cares about them as much as they care about the business. This will inspire them to do better, more meaningful work.

Happier Employees are More Productive Employees

When employees are happy and healthy, their productivity improves. Employers have a vested interest in making sure that their employees are satisfied. Not only does it reduce employment churn, but it also creates a culture in which everyone wants to do their best. Employees spend less time complaining and more time working. If you want an office filled with energetic professionals rather than weary slackers, you need to show them that you are committed to their personal as well as professional growth.

Creating a Well-Oiled Machine

The stronger your community culture is, the more likely you are to attract employees who fit well together and work well together. The more well-defined your company culture is, the more smoothly operations will run. By creating a culture of community and belonging, you also attract individuals who believe in these same core values. When people with the same core values work together, magical things can happen. Many businesses today aren’t just about revenue. They’re also about trying to make the world a better place, solving problems, and helping people. Connecting with talented individuals who believe in this mission is a recipe for success.

Backing It Up With Action

Just saying you have a strong culture isn’t enough. Employees today are savvy. They know when they’re being marketed to. A company needs to take real action in order to enforce their culture: health and wellness programs, community outreach, volunteer opportunities, and soft benefits. Today’s businesses are providing on-campus daycare, relaxation opportunities, and perks such as flex-time. All of this shows the employee that the company is committed to their ideological statements.

Attracting the top talent is difficult. Employees today aren’t just looking for salaries and benefits packages: they’re looking for positions they truly enjoy, find meaningful, and can grow in. By understanding the market today, you can start finding employees who truly believe in your business and its mission. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your technology talent needs.