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6 Tips to Hire the Right Person for a Technology Position

Hiring for technology jobs is a challenging task. With the market as competitive as it is, and so many new technologies emerging, it can be difficult to really zero in to the employees that are going to stay for the long haul.

Here are a few ways that you can tell whether a candidate is truly right for your business, and reduce your overall employee churn.

Focus on Willingness to Learn Over Experience

Often, technology jobs get bogged down in the minutiae of experience. In the modern world of technology, everything is changing so quickly that it isn’t always necessary to get an employee who knows a specific system, programming language, or platform. Instead, it’s better to get a person who has an aptitude for learning and adapting quickly. 6 Tips to Hire the Right Person for a Technology Position

Look for a Good Fit with Your Company Culture

More than any other sector, technology is often demanding. Employees must spend a lot of time working with each other, and because of that, they truly need to buy into the same company culture. Finding employees who believe in a company’s mission statement and values is an easy way to find employees who are driven and motivated.

Don’t Conduct Routine Interviews

Every prospective employee has likely been to dozens of interviews, and they’ve memorized most of their traditional responses. Interviews aren’t a good way to get a feel for a candidate, especially a technology candidate who needs to be intelligent, experienced, and able to adapt to change. Instead, get employees walking and talking as they tour your office to get a more natural feel for them.

Get to Know Their Personality

Technology positions are inundated with individuals who have excellent hard skills but poor soft skills. And while this can be helpful in some ways for some positions, for most positions it’s detrimental. An employee can know everything, but if they’re hard to work with and refuse to take notes, it isn’t helpful. Observe how your candidates interact with others, such as receptionists.

Ask Your Candidates Questions About Your Business

If your candidates is truly interested in working for you, they’ll have done a significant amount of preparation and know a little about your business. Ask candidates about what they think about your business and processes, and note whether they give honest answers or answers that they might think that you want to hear. They may have valuable insights.

Make Sure They’re Interviewed by Someone Knowledgeable

Often, when interviewed by hiring managers, it’s difficult to determine whether someone in a technology-focused position is truly knowledgeable about technology. It’s important that technology hires be hired by someone who is an expert in the technology that they’re going to use; otherwise it’s possible to hire an employee who doesn’t have any working technical knowledge.


Finding someone for a technology position can be very hard, as you need a balance of skill sets. It’s important to find someone who is skilled and experienced, but also someone who can adapt well and learn as needed. Working with a staffing agency can help. If you need to find candidates for your company’s technology positions, it’s time to contact the experts.