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Performance Appraisals

Hey everyone, it’s Molly again from the HR department at Two Roads!

Today’s blog focuses on the importance of companies partaking in Employee reviews/appraisals.

Often times management forgets the importance of employee reviews.

Employee reviews/appraisals are ways for employees to see where they stand on their performance in the work place.

It is also a time for management and employees to communicate on what each others needs may be.

As a result, what management sees may not be what employees see, and it can be an eye opening experience.


It is a way to strengthen your team, work together, and set obtainable goals for the office.

I can’t stress enough the importance of performance appraisals.

Appraisals should be conducted by management every 6 months and focus on their employees areas of strength, areas of growth, evaluate past goals & strive for new goals.



Don’t forget that working together through communication & common goals can be a positive & beneficial accomplishment for everyone!