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4 Tips For Feeling More Engaged At Work

It’s easy to complain about work. It may be too tedious or too stressful, you may work with challenging people, or you may not get the recognition you deserve. Finding a way to engage with the tasks and responsibilities of your job will help you enjoy yourself more at work–and make your performance perk up too. Greg Bell, of Greg Bell speaks, has these 4 expert tips for getting more engaged while you’re working.

1) Dig deeper. Even if your job feels superficial, it is an essential component of your company’s success. Look for ways to refine and improve the processes you use so as to perform that role more effectively. Take the time to learn more about the reasons behind your tasks, and reach out for new information. Learning is the enemy of boredom.

2) Be present. It’s very tempting to bring the concerns of your private life to work with you. These distractions make it difficult to focus on your tasks and on the deeper analysis discussed earlier. Make a commitment to focus on work while you’re at work, letting other issues take a back seat. You’ll be more effective at work and at home if you don’t try to mix the two.

3) Be connected. Research shows that employees are more engaged when they have healthy relationships with their co-workers. Reach out to your colleagues and get to know them a little. After all, you probably spend more time with them than your family!

4) Be patient. Careers develop one step at a time. While it’s great to daydream about that great job in the future, you’ll feel more grounded and more effective if you focus on the work right in front of you. Look at tasks as opportunities to practice, not as chores to be slogged through.


These 4 principles give you a framework for engaging more meaningfully with your job. You can expect to feel more satisfied at work, and your bosses will be more satisfied with you too.
Greg Bell, Greg Bell Speaks
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