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Balancing Work & Life Priorities

Happy Monday to Everyone.  Today I throw down my thoughts on the very challenging subject of balancing work and life priorities.  A very tricky subject.  As a business owner and family man, I find this to be paramount to my happiness and productivity.   My mornings start out at 4.30am with a quick run, dog walk or swim and off to an early meeting in the office.  Full day of work then kiddo practices, family dinner and hopefully some down time.  Rinse and repeat all week!   A jam packed week makes staying healthy and happy a big challenge for me.  I read a lot on the subject and there is a common trend among successful business people and athletes.

I love sports and high-tech stuff, so I am drawn to lots of motivating experts in their fields.  Elon Musk from SpaceX/Tesla and Richard Branson from Virgin balance multiple business ventures, families, government pressures and have awesome fun filled lives.  Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Michael Phelps are considered aging athletes in their respective sports, but somehow remain at the top of their games while maintaining family lives.

What is their common success trend?  They all work extremely hard at their day jobs, but even harder outside their respective offices.  Brady has lower body fat, is faster and stronger after 15 years in the NFL.  Phelps is winning gold medals 20 years later.  Roger & Serena won Australian Open titles this weekend.  These success stores at a older age are becoming the new normal in today’s world.

My take on this.   At the office, working smart and tackling top priorities and working efficiently, not longer hours is the key.  Over the following weeks I will be including many of today’s key leaders in the High-Tech, Athletic, Wellness and overall business world.  Emerging companies are continuing the push to make workers happy inside and outside of the office, resulting in higher productivity.

Watch for my post about Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson in the next few days.  Sir Richard is one of my favorite people to follow.  Balances worldwide adventures, family life, climate issues and somehow finds the time to run a billion dollar enterprise.  How does he do this?

Thanks for reading!   BV

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