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Welcome to Two Roads

Hello!  My name is Barry Vince and I am taking my first crack at blogging, so please bear with me.   I plan on sharing my experiences as a Southern California family man and business owner weekly.  Today I will introduce myself and give you a little background.  In future weeks, I will focus mostly on cool technical things that tie into my out of the office interests.  I hope somebody finds this remotely interesting!

I’m a co-owner of Two Roads, the tech staffing firm in Surf City, USA, whose website you’re currently visiting.   A couple of us leaped from a big corporate firm to chase our dreams 20+ years ago and start 2Roads.  We supply high tech folks to really exciting companies in the space exploration, defense and aerospace industry.  I have lots of cool stories and insight to share about my job – looking forward to it.

On the personal side, I am a 51 year old husband, father of two cool kids and a trouble-making 2 year old chocolate lab, Rey.  I was born in and still live in Belmont Shore in Long Beach, CA.  My family is extremely active in athletics and community service in the local area;  I will definitely be sharing lots of stuff about that.   I’ve completed 5 full Ironman and a whole bunch of half Ironmans and other triathlons — as well as way too many marathons and running races across the world.

I’m stoked to have the Rams back in L.A.  Love the Lakers, King and Dodgers – No Orange County teams for me!   I have a passion for Formula One racing and celebrated my 50th birthday with a bunch of friends at the Monaco Grand Prix.  Bummed about the Packers and Steelers (and the two-team parlay I had riding on them), but that’s sports.  Enough of me for now.

Signing for today – Adios – BV