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Cultivate Gratitude at Work

2Roads-blogs (10)Appreciation in the workplace is good for employee engagement, motivation and retention. Employee recognition and appreciation can create a unique company culture and strengthen employee relationships.

Here are some easy ways to express your gratitude at work:

Be sincere. As a leader or a team member, expressing your gratitude sincerely and frequently will make people stop in their tracks. When your employees know that your gratitude is genuine, and they are more likely to put in extra effort. This mentality creates a stronger and more loyal team. As an employee, demonstrating gratitude can help set you apart from others in your organization.

Celebrate small wins. Take your employees or co-workers out to lunch, coffee, or even take a walk together to recognize them for a job well done. Acknowledge achievements at staff meetings. Celebrate, and let your co-workers know their win, however small, didn’t go unnoticed.

Acknowledge that your success depends on others. Admitting that everything you’ve learned that’s made you successful has come from someone or something else helps improve your standing in a team. Being grateful for those from whom you’ve learned is essential if you want to stay humble and teachable and will actually propel you forward in your career.

Appreciation and gratitude help create unity in the workplace. Come up with an appreciation plan that fits your company values, mission, culture and most importantly, something all employees can participate in and benefit from. Expressing those feelings to all team members can help make your organization more successful.