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Five Characteristics To Make You A Better Team Player

team-work-5-best-traitsSimply put, teamwork is an essential part of success. Being a vital part of the team requires us to contribute something valuable to the team. 75% of all employers describe teamwork and collaboration as crucial and need to the success of their companies. Here are five characteristics to make you a better team player, and raise your stock in your workplace.

1.Become Self-Motivated
The great thing about being self-motivated is that your fellow employees recognize that you are reliable and accountable for not only doing your part but doing it well. Aspire to grow with little prompting or encouragement, which will help the people around you to grow as well.

2.Be Sharp
Wanting to succeed and having the wits and skills to do so are two different animals. If you are able to adapt to your companies’changing needs easily you will be especially well-prepared to apply your skills to any given situation. Thinking ahead of time and being prepared will eliminate you needing someone to keep you on your toes because you will have already taken the necessary steps before they are needed. These people are great team players because they set the bar high and know how to keep pushing it higher.

3. Be Flexible
The ability to flexible, yet not be a complete pushover, implies you are willing and able to accommodate the teams’needs. Flexibility allows you to grow as a professional and as a team. Flexibility in your interactions ensures that you can focus on fostering the right relationships on your team. Flexibility allows you to grow as a professional and as a team.

4. Accessible
Being accessible to the team ensures success by providing accountability. Make it a point to communicate clearly (and often!) with your team members. Part of working together efficiently means mastering the art of concise emails and meetings.Accessibility is kind of like respect; if you want it, you should show it, too.

5. Passionate
The greatest achievements are accomplished because someone truly cared about the work. Bringing passion for the team encourages your teammates to join in on the fun. In all jobs it is important to believe in the mission of your work. Not every day will be perfect, but finding a job with purpose and passion is worthwhile. This impacts the kind of effort and commitment you show your team, and as a result, affects the company progress.

Above all else, team players are proud of their teams. Your success, and your sanity, will greatly improve by picking up these simple characteristics.