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Five Tips to Help Stay Motivated While Job Hunting

job-search-stay-motivatedKeeping your focus and maintaining a positive attitude is crucial to landing a new opportunity. Yet the average time it takes to find a job has increased to approximately eight months. Maintaining motivation is one of the biggest struggles people face when looking for a job. The rejection, silence, and monotony can take a toll on just about anyone. Do not get discouraged, and down on yourself if you have begun to feel less motivated and more apathetic then when you stated your job search. Here are five simple tips to help you stay motivated while job hunting.

1. Pick a direction that you want to go with your search.
What type of job do you desire? How will you find available opportunities? What groups will you get involved in? Knowing where you want to end up will help you determine how you will get there and cause less stress along the way.

2.Look up Career Role Models
Search for people who have your dream jobs or who work at companies you are interested in. Looking at the various ways people have gotten to where they are now will likely remind you that there is no straight path to success. Now take it one step further, and reach out to a few of these people. Ask them how they got to their desired destination, and any advice they would give.

3.Put your career goals on paper.
Take some time to make a list of all of your dreams. Putting them on paper will entice you to think about what you want to achieve and motivate you to see at least one goal through. Think of it kind of like a to-do list for your career. Seeing things on paper will get you excited to check things off.

4. Know and remember your purpose.
Give your job search a purpose aside from just landing an interview. Give yourself goals to meet to land the interview, such as applying for a specific number of jobs each week, participating in a minimal number of Twitter chats and adding a specific amount of people to your network each week.

5. Believe in yourself.
Like a successful salesperson, you must believe that what you are selling has value. When looking for a job, you’re essentially selling yourself and your experience. Convince yourself that you are selling a quality product — and that by selling the real deal you’re saving a potential employer from buying something substandard. Imagine acting that way in your next interview … and you will.

Remember to stay focused and go easy on yourself. Searching for a job is hard work, and can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining but will be well-worth all of the hard work and the wait! Hang in there!