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Recruiting Challenges & Solutions During Crisis

The news over the past couple weeks has been very challenging to say the least.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has every recruiter and human resource professional scrambling.   I have been in the business for 35 years and have never experienced anything similar to this.  This crisis will get worse in the United States over the weeks and create anxiety and uncertainty.

The uncertainty of this pandemic does not change the fact that critical technical staffing requirements must be filled.   This will be very challenging and new processes must be organized and implemented quickly.

This is a time where your company can be a leader and provide positive news in these trying times.

My recommendations on how to move forward with your recruiting and hiring process:

Continue your sourcing and recruiting efforts at maximum levels.  The challenge for finding top talent remains difficult.  Many candidates will be spending more time on the internet.   More candidates may actually see your online postings.

Discontinue all onsite interviews, unless local.  No travel interviews.

Be compassionate!  Everybody is at high stress levels.

Virtual Interviews/Hiring Process Suggestions:

  • Prepare your hiring team to conduct virtual/video interviews.  Virtual interviewing may be new to hiring managers, it is very important that your team is prepared as they would be for onsite meetings.   Make sure your IT team trains your managers how to use your video meeting tools.
  • Set an agenda with the candidate and hiring team.  Follow the path as much as possible.  Let the candidate know how long the meeting will take and explain the steps in the hiring process.
  •  Ask relevant questions to the duties potential employee would perform.  Ask open ended questions to extract as much info as possible from the candidates.   Getting a read from candidates on video is much more difficult.
  • Make the interview a free-flowing conversation.  This may be  your only opportunity to interview the candidate.  Get to  know them personally.  Discuss company culture and vision.  Get a clear understanding on their career ambitions and personal goals.
  • Mix up the interviews with one on one interviews, panels, multiple managers, human resources, peers, everybody needed to get a good understanding on how this potential employee can help your organization move forward.
  • Close the interview with a very detailed follow-up plan and explain to the candidate.   Our timelines will have to be flexible.  Candidates and employers will understand that we are in a challenging time.  This is an excellent opportunity to gauge the candidates flexibility and understanding on how they will work with a team.
  • Be prepared to make offers of employment with TBD hiring dates.

In many ways our country has been preparing for a situation similar to this for decades.  Much of today’s workforce works virtually and has flexibility.  Our companies will be severely tested.  I am confident we are ready to tackle the challenge ahead.

Conducting business and balancing compassion while hitting our deadlines is very difficult.  I sincerely hope we can all navigate these new waters together and in a positive way.

Have any questions or need to connect?  Please email me anytime.

Thank You and Be Safe!!   – Barry

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