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Vacation Over – Next Level Time

I am finishing up my annual retreat to the Sierra Nevada mountains in Central CA and as usual, am full of fresh new ideas on how to take my personal life and business to the next level.   My family has a cabin in Huntington Lake and I have been spending portions of my summer up here for 40 years.  Yes, I’m getting up there in years!   Lots of running, hikes, swimming and spending time with the family & friends.   Also gives me a lot of time to read up on things and see how I can sharpen my game.

Jam & Rey enjoying a morning swim

As I close in on my mid-50’s, I find myself sharper then ever.   I work at an optimum level of six hours per sleep a night and read more then ever.   A mostly plant based diet has somehow given me more energy, which is awesome.   I face more challenges then ever at 2R.   Tough growing a business and balancing leadership with client focus.  Navigating new CRM and software tools is also challenging for an old dog like me, but I’m up for it – bring it on!

Here is the family up at 10k feet – uphill is tough!

Here a couple reads that jumped out at me – I provided links if you want to check em out.

Daniel Ek, 35 year old CEO of Spotify recently took his company public on the NYSE and received a 26billion dollar valuation, one of the biggest tech IPO’s in history.   Obviously a very talented leader, but what grabbed me is that he was in the crunch time of a body-fat % contest with his buddies and kept forgetting when the stock went public!   My takeaway is that he is so laser focused on keeping his mind/body top notch and locked in on creating the awesome culture that Spotify is his belief the results will come.   Cool article below on Ek and other cool leaders of today.

Another good read of mine was Paul Flannery’s Extreme Athleticism is the New Midlife Crisis.  Boy, do I live this every day!!   As I try to age gracefully, I have found myself pushing myself to new levels of fitness.   Midlife crisis?  Maybe!    My wish is to prepare my mind and body to be as strong as possible when I hit my 70’s.  Paul hits the nail on the head with this article.

Eli & Rey Working It

I believe that life is constant growth.  Growth means embracing change and focusing on challenges.  Work hard, smart and be consistent – the rest will fall into place.

Many challenges await as I face the end of the year charge.  Hiring some new teammates, improving our efficiencies and getting my son set for middle school.  Sounds like fun – BRING IT ON.

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