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Job Market Trends for Technical Industries

Technical jobs are always in demand. But which positions are growing the fastest? Which positions have been recently developed — and which may be in flux? If you’re currently thinking about going into the tech industry, you may want to be aware of these changes that are taking shape.

Cloud Computing and Cognitive tech codingComputing on the Rise

Software-as-a-Service and big data have paved the way for significant growth in cloud computing. These resources have additionally led to advancements in cognitive computing, which often uses large volumes of data and advanced algorithms to learn and develop behaviors on-the-fly. Both of these fields are expanding rapidly, looking for those with experience or training in cloud computing and analysis.

User-Friendly Tools, APIs, and Apps Dominate

User Experience has become a field unto its own, and a significant amount of growth and study is being pumped into developing solutions that are as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Those with a knack for user interface design may want to consider specializing in the field of UX, testing out new solutions and finding better ways for users to interact with applications and devices.

From Web Development to Biomedical Engineering

In terms of raw growth, the fields of web development and biomedical engineering are expected to see the most growth from now until 2024, from 27% to 23%. Average salaries of web application developer are estimated to approach $70,175, with the average salary of a biomedical engineer at $95,414. Interface design specialists may make as much as $190,455 a year, depending on experience.

An Increase in Non-Tech Techs

Research has shown that companies in non-tech industries have been ramping up their tech hiring — which means that going into a tech field doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in a tech-related industry. Retail services, financial services, and manufacturing services have all increased their hiring for tech positions, adding additional jobs and creating valuable opportunities for those who have cross-trained in multiple industries.

Of course, these technical trends shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision making process. If you’re thinking about a technical degree, it’s as much about which degree you want as how the degree is currently performing. To find out more about your chosen technical industry, contact us today.