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How to Keep A Positive Attitude When Job Hunting

It can be hard to maintain a positive attitude when job hunting, especially if you’re in an extremely competitive market. In competitive markets, there can be hundreds of applications for every job. Even if you’re well-qualified, you’ll be facing a lot of rejection. How can you cope? job hunting

The Importance of a Positive Attitude

Job hunting can be a lot like dating. The more negative and jaded you are, the less desired you’ll be. It can be difficult to walk into each interview with new enthusiasm, but it’s important that you do. If your interviewer feels as though you have the wrong attitude during the interview process, they may fear that you will also have the wrong attitude during your employment.

Keeping a Positive Attitude During the Job Hunt

  • Don’t get too attached to any single job offer. It’s easy to start envisioning a specific job as though you’ve already gotten it. If you get too attached to a job, you’ll feel even worse if you don’t end up getting it.
  • Try not to take rejection personally. In fact, it really isn’t even rejection. Each job is only going to lead to a single hire. It’s not that you can’t find work; it’s that you just weren’t the best fit for that particular position.
  • Keep applying — even if you aren’t the perfect fit. You may need to broaden your search. Most applications have a list of requirements that are really just things that the employer wants to see. They may be more flexible than they appear.
  • Don’t think that you’re the only one struggling. You can only see your own issues. It may feel as though you’re the only one getting passed by, but everyone finds it difficult to find work. Reflecting on this can make the situation feel less disheartening.
  • Take a break from interviews if it gets too hard. Generally, you have some control over when you schedule your interviews. Don’t stop applying to positions, but if you feel that you’re getting worn out, you can take a day off from interviewing.

Job hunting is all about volume. You’ll need to be patient and persistent: attend enough job interviews, and you’ll eventually land a job. By improving your attitude, not only will you improve your odds, but you’ll also make the process more pleasant for yourself.