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#Powerballs! – 2R Supports Long Beach Marathon

The Two Roads Wellness Crew was out in full force this Sunday at the Long Beach Marathon.   Our team has supported this huge event with 10k donuts for the past 9 years.  This is a fun opportunity for our team to support the community and we have one heck of a good time.  Big thanks to our team members Kristan and Roby for coordinating our #powerballs.

Healthy living and conditioning clearly has numerous benefits in the workplace.  It rejuvenates the mind and recharges the body and spirit.  2R employs numerous Ironman, marathon,  recreational runners and cyclists and the benefits are clear –  Happy and healthy minds rock it!

In early November, our team kicks off our training for the  Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA.   We are inviting our customer partners to join us on Superbowl City and kick off the New Year 2018 strong!   Race link:

Interested in training with us?  Please contact Barry at – we’d love to have you!


Race Report and Photos:

Jessica Tims – Wife of 2R Team member Josh had a solid 4.27 time and completed her first full marathon – WAY TO GO !!!

” I never could have made it without powerballs and my husband Josh” – Jess

Barry Vince – knocked down the half marathon – didn’t quite hit his goal, but finished in 1.57 – he gets no picture!

Steven Vince – SV wowed the spectators with a blistering pace on his Schwinn racing cycle.


Thanks Doug and Susan!   Donut and Running Stats!

Wellness ??  Hmmmm……..


Susan, Steven, Barry, Erin and Doug manning the station.  With help from our friends at LBPD!!

From Charles Bryant:

In general, exercise is a fundamental part of leading a healthy and fit life. Even if you’re thin, you aren’t in good shape if exercise isn’t a part of your routine. The body just needs it. If you’re overweight, there aren’t many better ways to lose it than by beating the pavement with a brisk walk or run. Running can help you shed as many as 100 calories per mile and aids in lowering your blood pressure by making sure the arteries stay nice and elastic. In fact, running can cause your arteries to expand and contract as much as three times the arteries of a guy who spends all his time sitting at his cubicle. Running also slows down the hands of time a little, as it relates to your aging process — regular runners are less likely to have bone and muscle loss. This is because as we age, bones can either grow stronger if they’re worked out, or weaker, if you’re a couch potato. The sedentary lifestyle can lead to osteoporosis. The active runner will remain strong and flexible.

Those are just a few of the physical benefits of running. As you probably figured, there are some psychological benefits for runners as well. Stress in both its forms, acute and long-term, have some pretty nasty effects on your body. Acute stress comes on fast and typically doesn’t last very long. It can be triggered by anything, from an auto accident to bumping into an old flame you weren’t prepared to see. Most of your body systems are negatively affected by acute stress. Your brain, lungs, heart, immune system and digestive system all ramp up to deal with whatever trigger got you so worked up, whether it’s a real danger or just perceived. Long-term, or chronic, stress is even worse. Over time, your heart will have to work overtime, and your immune system will weaken and send your fat straight to your waistline. Arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and aging all take a hit when you live with chronic stress.


Ok – my legs are tired and gotta get to work!  Thanks for reading – Barry