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Leading by Example

In a management role leading by example is one of the most important qualities to practice. The saying “Practice what you Preach” comes into full effect. As managers we want to set obtainable goals for our employee’s and prove to be great leaders. I have found the following managerial traits are great examples to be a successful leader in the work place.

5 Qualities to being a Great Manager:

Trust/ Honesty

Being able to have employee’s trust their employer’s & express honesty will have employee’s happier at work place.


“My door is always open” is a great tactic for managers to lead with. Open communication about employee’s needs and concerns sets up for a positive work environment.


Leading by example is one of the most important tactics managers should abide by. When you set the bar high as a leader, employee’s will take the direction.

Open to Change

Change can be hard, and often times uncomfortable. Being open to change to better the work environment & having an open mind leads employee’s to staying motivated in the work place.

Motivate/ Inspire

Motivation & Inspiration provides employee’s with confidence! Pump up your team, set obtainable goals, and always keep your team inspired!