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Steve Kerr’s Awesome Leadership Example

Been awhile since I’ve been motivated to do some blogging, but an old friend of mine has certainly inspired me.    In the mid 80’s I had a crew of buddies that attended University of Arizona and was lucky to spend some fun times out there.  Road trips to the desert, caps and lots of brewskis at Dirtbags – awesome times!   One of those friends is Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors.  Steve led his squad to another NBA Title on Monday night and one of my longest running friends is one of his Assistant Coaches, Bruce Fraser.  CONGRATS to both for jobs well done and for the hard work they’ve put in mastering their craft.

As I try to provide the best daily leadership I can for our 2R Crew, I constantly read up on how current top leaders get the maximum performance from their team.  Steve is a PERFECT example of modern day leadership.  Steve believed in creating an environment where his team and employees have fun, spend family time and are empowered to make key decisions.   In a very unusual event, Steve missed numerous games during the playoffs due to previous back surgery complications.  Most teams would implode, but not Steve’s.  His management style of empowerment and trust was instrumental to his team going undefeated while he was gone!

It’s no surprise his Warriors themselves echo Kerr’s humble attitude and belief in teamwork when they speak individually. They clearly enjoy being around each other, and the results follow from there. Leaders can’t just surround themselves with brilliant people; they need to ensure the pieces work well together.

When he took over as head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Kerr broke the NBA record for the most regular season wins for a rookie coach. He was the first rookie coach to win a championship since Pat Riley in ‘82. And he beat his own ‘95 Bulls all-time greatest winning record this season. But it’s not luck that’s gotten him this far. It’s the fundamentals of his leadership style that carry him to record-breaking greatness and set such a great example for others aspiring to achieve greatness in their own careers.

Steve’s team full of stars plays unselfishly and trusts others.  A rarity in today’s ego driven sports.  A true testimony to his leadership.  Steve relies on his team of friends for assistance, including working lots with Tony Robbins, a master motivator.

Steve, Bruce and the Warrior Coaching Team with the O’Brien trophy

Chris Ballard from Sports Illustrated wrote a great article describing Steve’s leadership and his imprint on his squad while missing several games during this year’s NBA playoffs to injury complications.  Chris’s great read can be found here: 

Please take few minutes to check it out – well worth your time!

The results of hard work and excellent leadership!!


I’m sure hoping Steve writes a book soon – I’ll line up to buy it!

Bitchen Summer 2017 is here – get out there, breath and enjoy!!

** BV