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Formula One Season Kick-Off

The 2017 Formula One racing season is upon us.   Yahoo – a very big weekend for me!  The F1 boys launch the 2017 season in Melbourne, AUS with many technical changes to the sport this season.  The return of wider tires has the cars looking cool and promises to make for some competitive racing.   Ferrari has looked strong in pre-season testing, but Hamilton is the huge favorite to dominate.

As a Long Beach, CA native, I grew up attending the Long Beach Grand Prix races with  my friends and family.  I have many fond memories of my mom calling me in sick from school and taking me down to the track.   My grandfather had a couple Ferrari’s and I remember listening to the Indy 500 at his ranch.   I grew up as at F1 fan and also enjoy Indycar and Nascar racing.   I have attended races of all kinds across the country and enjoyed my 50th B-Day in Monaco.  Couple pics below.


Yes – no reason to use Uber Auto while in the South of France – use Uber Copter!

As an avid racing fan and technical talent provider I am always looking for ways to incorporate fun with my work.  A case in point is one of 2Roads key partners, Siemens PLM Software.  We currently support numerous suppliers that utilize Siemens PLM Products, such as Teamcenter and NX software and CAD tools.   Teams regularly employee 100+ engineers that utilize Siemens PLM products for design and manufacturing efficiencies.

“The Siemens partnership is a critical one for us because it’s an integral part of our design process. Through our relationship with Siemens we’ve come to rely on their critical tools to generate creative design solutions, thus ensuring that we field the best grand prix cars we possibly can. In no small part Siemens has been a key contributor to our success in recent years, and the eight world championships we have achieved,” states Christian Horner, Team Principal, Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

The top teams in F1 operate on budgets of over 500mil euros per year.  Lots of dinero to make cars go real fast and push forward technology.

From Siegfried Russwurm, CEO of Siemens’ Industry Sector and member of the company’s Managing Board. “But PLM software isn’t just a plus for Formula One,” he added. “Our customers can use it in almost every industry – from ski design to industrial production.”

This got me thinking about the technology we utilize in the cars we drive every day.  Here are just a few…

  • Direct Shift Gearboxes
  • Push Button Ignition
  • Disc Brakes
  • Dual Overhead Cam Engine
  • Engine Air Intake – Superchargers
  • Exterior Design – Surface Modelling + Spoilers
  • Carbon Fiber Materials
  • Safety!

I know – a lot more tech then usual from me.  Lots more racing stuff to come this year, including my on-hand report from the Long Beach Grand Prix in a couple weeks.  Maybe even some shots from around the pool.

Going to be great weekend.  Sun shining in SoCal – get some runs in.  Maybe some K1 carting to show the family who is the boss and Eli’s Musical.

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Monaco Crew – Great times!!