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Eliminate hiring bias with AI

Artificial Intelligence is finally emerging from the lab. After decades of early expectation and development, companies are finding practical use for AI in both anticipated and unexpected ways. Examples include IBM’s Watson services for businesses, researchers and scientists, to crunch and analyze big data. And AI for the right brain to create or modify art and photography in occasionally trippy ways, from developers such as DeepArt, Deep Dream, and Google’s Magenta project, to name a few.

Artificial Intelligence

The latest? AI to assist in the hiring process.

CIO online posted an article detailing how artificial intelligence “and machine learning can help identify diverse candidates, improve the hiring pipeline and eliminate unconscious bias.”

AI, like Star Trek’s Spock, is immune to the emotional filters we all possess — intentional or unintentional — and can produce objective analysis of prospective candidates. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and neural networks can also speed the search for best-fit candidates that might not be immediately obvious due to a variety of reasons that make human beings so complicated. Ideal candidates undoubtedly lurk, overlooked, in all ATS systems.  AI can pull these hidden candidates from the blur of data, tirelessly matching skills to requirements.

Some AI hiring firms have taken it one step further, using artificial intelligence to discover, gather and maintain information on candidates who have not applied to your company and may not even be looking for work — but might just be the perfect fit for your needs. HiringSolved uses publicly searchable internet data to compile profiles that are updated automatically as the source data is. They see it as the end to the resume.  Via AI, profiles create and maintain themselves, logically leveraging of the massive quantity of information contained in the literally billions of social profiles available on the internet.

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