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Whether you’re switching fields or you’re reaching high for that next step up the ladder, it can be easy to think that you’re less valuable, less worthy, or unqualified for the job you want. More often than not, those thoughts are incorrect.

Here are some reasons why you have so much to offer to your dream company, dream client, dream mentor, or dream anything!

1. You Have Passion
“Your passion is your qualification. It’s your leading qualification.”
If you’re genuinely passionate about your chosen field, a particular company, or a specific job, that passion is a highly valuable characteristic.
Passion ensures that you’ll work harder than everyone else. Passion ensures that you will master new skills and get the job done right. It means that you’ll ignite your co-workers and inspire them to bring their best ideas to work.
Show off you passion in your cover letter by writing about what attracted you to the company and its mission.

2. You Have Fresh Ideas
Many successful companies are stuck in old routines, old systems, and old policies that may not relate to the company today. As a newcomer, you might discover something that could be improved quite easily. Bringing a fresh pair of eyes to the table brings real value.

3. You Can Adapt Quickly
The best way to demonstrate your adaptability is by making sure that you’re up-to-date on all the latest and greatest skills needed in your industry—and in addition to that, they’re clearly stated on your resume.

4. You Have Real Skills
Look through your passion projects, volunteer gigs, paid jobs, and studies, and consider every experience in terms of the real-world skills you gained, not just what your “official job title” happened to be. Transfer all those skills to your resume.

You have a lot to offer your dream company, so reach high. You may even be offered something better than you expected.