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Tips For Becoming A Great Communicator

2Roads-blogs (16)As an effective communicator, you allow intuition and creative wisdom to guide you, which often leads to better listening skills and empathy. It’s a great way to develop compassion in sticky situations.

Here are some tricks you can implement to become a better communicator:

Be Open

Be open and add new information to the conversation. Relate things to your own personal experiences and ask questions to allow the conversation to move forward. This creates a story that gives you the opportunity to learn more about each other.

Be Specific

Be specific with your statements and questions to eliminate assumptions and miscommunication. Be clear and concise with all your statements and make sure to relay as much information as you can about each statement.

Have Empathy

Allow yourself to be present in the moment and to feel your emotional reactions. Expressing your feelings invites humor, authenticity, connection between you and the person you’re talking to. You become a better listener.