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How To Avoid Counterproductive Work Meetings

2Roads-blogs (14)Communication and collaboration at work are vital for success, and organizing meetings is a valuable way to get everyone on the same page. Sometimes, meetings can take up more time than they’re worth, especially on extremely busy days.

Meetings don’t have to be counterproductive. Here’s a list of tips that will make meetings a better use of everyone’s time.

Short Meetings

Planning shorter meetings is great for boosting efficiency. Determine how much time your meeting will take, and cut 5-10 minutes off the allotted time. Sometimes displaying a timer for everyone to see can help you stay on track.

Stick To Your Agenda

Be very specific when sending out agendas that outline your meeting. In your email to the group, send out the meeting topic, along with bullet points to summarize what will be discussed. Break down what they need in order to prepare for the meeting, what updates will be given, and what questions will be answered. By sending this a week to a few days in advance, everyone will be following the same schedule, making your meeting more efficient.

Use Visuals

Create graphics, charts and slideshows to go along with your topic for each meeting. Words can become convoluted while you’re trying to keep everyone’s attention during the meeting. Come up with visuals that make communicating your topic easy to follow.

Allow For Collaboration

In addition to creating effective visuals, use them to take polls or short surveys during meetings. This gets the crew participating without letting the discussion lead to tangents. Give the group a few moments to write down any questions they have at the end of the meeting, and follow up with them in an email.

These tricks can help make your meetings less time consuming and more productive!