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Retention Starts in the Interview Process

2Roads-blogs (20)Employee retention is vital.  As an employer, you make sure your best employees are happy right where they are, however, your relationship with employees, and your ability to retain them, starts in the interviewing process.

Reevaluate your current interview process and approach it from an employee retention point of view.

Personalized Communication

Automated email systems are common during the application process, but a personalized message can mean a lot more to prospective employees.  It will give them a more positive perception of the company and its culture, while also allowing you to find out what type of employee he or she would be. Make a lasting impression.

Company Culture

While searching for the best candidate for the job, look to see if they fit the company’s culture.  Ask questions, learn about their skills and get a feel for their personality, and whether or not they’ll mesh with the culture of the company.  

Give prospective employees a tour of the office and introduce them to future co-workers.  This gives them the chance to interact with the company culture and it helps them build early relationships with co-workers.  Those strong relationship ties could be one of the reasons your candidates love your company.

Career Path

Show prospective employees career opportunities that your company has to offer.  Tell them about all resources, training courses or any other tools offered to take on leadership roles.

Share personal success stories that validate career advancement so they can begin to shape their personal future.

Applying this simple approach to the interview process will aid in the long-term retention of valued employees.