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Two Roads Hits The Road

Here at Two Roads, we are committed to supporting and giving back to our local community. We created a Wellness Committee in the Fall of 2010 in order to cultivate an environment of strength and vigor for our employees. Every few months we meet to plan events that reach out and support the wellness of our community. Along with keeping our employees motivated, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our community and in the lives of those that are less fortunate.

What did our committee do last year? Here is a list of a few of the activities:

– Two Roads Laser Tag luncheon
– We donated to a local school Choir
– Made a donation to the Relay for Life
– Donated funds to the Hebrew Academy specifically for their summer camp for Military Service Member’s children.
– We provided a masseuse to come into the Two Roads office to provide massages for our staff

What’s next?

Two Roads will be sponsoring and participating in the 2015 Long Beach Marathon and Half Marathon held on Sunday, October 11. It will be an exciting day for all participants and we will be there to support and help push you towards your goal!

You’ll Be Fine At Mile 9

We realize how important it is to stay mentally focused during this race while also making sure your body has enough fuel to cross the finish line. At mile 9, Two Roads will have a food and water station set up where you can replenish, rehydrate and recalibrate. We will provide oranges, donuts, water, and motivation!

Thank you for helping us promote a healthy environment for our community. Make sure you stop by our booth, and good luck to all participants!