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Exercise Increases Work Productivity


Exercising regularly provides many more benefits other than weight loss or staying in shape.  It improves all aspects of your life, including work productivity.  Being alert and productive at work can help you get your job done faster and make you more eligible for a promotion.  If you do not exercise regularly, you could be putting your health and job at risk.

Energy and Alertness

Exercising increases blood flow to the brain which can help sharpen your awareness and make you ready to tackle a big project.  Exercising can also give you more energy, making you feel more awake at work.  If you don’t have time to do cardio each day, set some daily goals. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk during your lunch break.

Mental Health

Exercising causes the brain to release serotonin that helps you feel better and improves your state of mind.  Regular exercise can help you constructively deal with stress in the work place. This can lead to improved relationships with your co-workers and a more secure future with your employer.

Illness Prevention

Regular exercise that includes power walking, running, weight lifting, swimming or jogging can help reduce your risk of developing certain types of illness and disease. This means fewer sick days at work. Exercise reduces your risk for developing type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart disease – all of which can interfere with work productivity.

Make Exercising a Priority

Instead of viewing exercise as something you do for yourself—a personal indulgence that takes you away from your work—start considering physical activity as part of the work itself.  Get the team involved!  Go on group walks during lunch breaks.  Socializing makes exercise more fun, which improves the chances that you’ll keep doing it.

Regardless of how you go about incorporating exercise into your routine, reframing it as part of your job makes it a lot easier to make time for it. You’re not abandoning work.  You’re ensuring that the hours you put in have value.