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4 Good Reasons to Job Search in the Summertime

Summer_Job_SearchThere is a false perception that companies cut back or stop hiring during the summertime months. In truth, companies are filling positions at the same pace during the warmest months of the year. Conducting a job search during the summer can be difficult. The biggest hazards for job seekers during the summertime is timing and schedules. Vacations have been, and are being planned right now, so patience and persistence is the key in landing an interview.

1. Jobs Do Exist
Even though it may be sweltering hot out, companies do need to continue to hire employees. Slowing or stopping your job search could cause you to miss out on wonderful opportunities. Plus, you could face less competition if other job seekers are buying into the summer slowdown myth. So, take advantage of the season.

2. Summer can be slower for some industries
Employees of many companies may actually have more time to interview candidates in the summer because it is not a busy time for their organization. Vacations aside, it’s a free period for some key employers.

3. Contract-to-Hire Positions are Abundant
Many organizations will hire contract employees during the summer months to fill long leaves of absence, such as extended vacations and sabbaticals. These positions could turn into permanent employment if the timing is right.

4. Summer time equals High Energy
The days are longer, flowers are in bloom , and summer is a buzzing season with a lot of vivacity. Serious job hunters should capitalize on both the energy of the season and myth of the summer slowdown by beginning or continuing their search. Jobs are certainly there, waiting for tenacious job hunters to beat the heat and find them.

Summertime is an opportune time to start or continue a job search. As the weather outside heats up, so should your efforts to land the job you have been dreaming all winter about.