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Staying Organized in Your Job Search

Organization while searching for employment is essential. Here are some tips to staying organized.

Create a Spreadsheet

Start with a spreadsheet – it will keep your job prospects organized and it’s a great way to keep your Excel skills sharp, too. Keep track of all communication and correspondence you have had with all companies.


Create a job search folder to keep all correspondence and information on your active jobs. Anytime you send an application, BCC yourself and file it in your job search folder.

Print it & Put it up

If Excel spreadsheets or email folders are not your thing, you can always keep track of your applications with printed hard copies. Print out each application, including the job description, cover letter and specific resume you sent and keep these in alphabetical order. Be sure to include any company contact information such as the contact person, phone number, email and the web address.

Ask Questions

If you are using more than one staffing firm to assist with your search, it’s even more important that you keep your job search organized.. In most cases, your Recruiter will be able to tell you the industry and location, and should be able to provide a job description.Keep track of these. If two agencies call you on what you suspect is the same job, it’s important to ask your recruiter if the jobs could be the same.

Be Prepared for the Call

With all of your organized and polished outreach, you are sure to eventually get a call back. You are not always going to be at your desk, so wherever you are, be armed with information when the phone rings. Keep fresh copies of your tracking sheet with you at all times – and remember,  if a prospective employer is calling and you are not in a good place to talk, it’s okay to ask if you can call back. Find out what time later in the day they will be available and make sure you call at exactly that time.