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Two Roads Staff Member’s 2014 LA Marathon – Heart First

Two Roads Professional Resources has a strong Technical Recruiting and Sales staff at it’s main offices in Huntington Beach, CA. One of the staff’s backbones however is Corporate Administrator, Jaime Brogdon. Over the past 13 years of employment at Two Roads, Jaime has spent nearly 8 of them training for a running, swimming, or cycling event. Jaime began 8 years ago with 5k races, 10k races, and swimming races. She is a wife and mom of three boys, so getting her workouts in can be tricky. She has been participating in Triathlons and full Marathons since 2009. Jaime has been one of those people who are willing to help her friends and co-workers train for their first race events. Many individual staff members have been helped greatly by her. We want to recognize Jaime for all of her accomplishments and her generosity in her knowledge, time, and encouragement in our health conscious environment by featuring a story of her last marathon. Jaime participated with her group Train 4 Autism in the 2014 LA Marathon a few weeks ago. She had an amazing experience with her best friend and another runner. We wanted to share it with our readers on the Two Roads blog:

JaimeLA.3Many have asked me how the race was. I finished it with my best friend Jaime! It was a time of 7:15 but it was a finish with an amazing story. Meet Jeremy, an 18 year old boy from Thousand Oaks who is autistic. We played cat and mouse on course him the first 15 miles. At Mile 15 he had about 15 family members cheering him on. At mile 17 we noticed him slowing down and wobbly. We asked for his dads’ number “just in case”. We decided to stay and walk with him because he looked unstable. Mile 22 he required medical treatment. We stayed in contact with his dad and stayed with him until his family arrived. This awesome boy wanted to complete his first marathon so bad it broke our hearts. Once family arrived we took off again with no regrets of what we did as this was why we were doing this race to start with. We were blessed to be in the right place at the right time. Last night we received a text from his mom saying Jeremy did finish the race with his dad walking him the finish line. This morning I got a message from one of the coaches at Train 4 Autism from Jeremy’s dad. It made me cry. Read it. It made this race all the worthwhile. Autism awareness was really at its best yesterday. We had 113 runners out for our charity making a difference. I’m happy I got to be one of them.